Need more fresh coffee in your life? We’ve got you covered.

 Noire & Jet Coffee is a brand truly unique to the Arizona region. Our coffee is carefully selected from farmers that practice sustainable farming and we go organic as often as possible. Our roasters have an impeccable process that makes the coffee we offer robust, full of flavor and absolutely delectable!  Our coffee has an aroma that will fill your kitchen with an enticing and invigorating scent that will leave you hankering to get a taste!  Each month will feature a different type of roast, snack and a gift to keep a good rotation of products going so you are always trying something new!  Coffee never seemed so irresistible!

All of our brews are light, light/med, and medium.  We offer regular and decaf options, We get our coffee from four different regions of the world.  Those regions include Africa, South America, Central America and Southeast Asia.  We also get Mexican coffee beans on occasion!  Our coffee includes different flavorings used for each region for a different and unique taste when you enjoy our coffee.  We only use high quality ingredients that are all natural.